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Jef Leeson

Voice Actor, Audio Engineer / Producer, Musician

Jef, Leeson, voice actor, producer/engineer, singer/songwriter Jef, Leeson, voice actor, producer/engineer, singer/songwriter

Hi, I'm Jef.

Drawn to acting & performing in bands during school years, by my early 20s I was making stages & studios my career. As a musician & singer, work took me around half of the world & helped me establish a recording studio & boutique record label. About the time I began engineering audio for remote clients, voice work, too, entered my life.

These days when not tracking dialogue, engineering for games, toons, films & audio dramas, being a session producer/musician, or creating my own releases, I still get to perform live music every now & then, mostly out around Ontario.

Contact me if you'd like to discuss a gig, or take a look around here for more details. THANK YOU for stopping by.

  • Experience +25 Years
  • Freelance Available
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  • Location Ontario, Canada

Voice Work

Voice Demo Reels
  • Audio Engineering & Production
  • Western Space Odyssey

    2016 - present

    A full-length old-school animated sci-fi/western comedy movie, written, animated & produced by Rik Berryere. Work includes dialogue treatment, complete audio editing & mixing, sourcing SFX & creating foley, voice acting, songwriting, singer, & song production.

    MORE: https://www.westernspaceodyssey.com/

  • Fallout: Miami

    2019 - present

    The highly anticipated mod (expansion) of the video game Fallout 4. On the audio team, doing dialogue editing & treatment for implementation into Bethesda's Creation Kit software.

    MORE: http://falloutmiami.com

  • Bioshock: After Midnight


    A +2 hour original audio drama written & produced by Preston Hardin, inspired by the popular video game. Work included dialogue treatment, complete audio editing & mixing, sourcing SFX & creating foley, & voice acting of some extras.

    MORE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgDAePNkhp0

  • Additional Clients

    Voice Actor Demo Reels
    Some reels I've engineered posted on Twitter. They include dialogue treatment, audio editing & mixing, SFX & foley.

  • Other Positions
  • Chancellor Music

    1991 - present; proprietor

    Chancellor Music is a boutique record label, focussing on helping regional country, rock & singer/songwriters get their music recorded & heard. With over 40 releases to date, there doesn't seem to be any good reason to stop it all now.

    MORE: Official label website

  • Session Musician

    Early 1990s - present; singer, guitarist, bassist

    As a result of being a professional performer in a variety of Ontario-based bands, doing recording session work came naturally. Though some have not seen the online light of day, the link below lists many of them, some of which were clients I connected with through sites like Airgigs & Soundbetter (see links below).

    MORE: On RateYourMusic.com

  • On Film

    2016 - present

    I've been involved with other indie film productions as well as 'Western Space Odyssey'.

    In 2016, I was commissioned to write, produce & perform a song in the film 'The Face Beneath' (on IMDB), an indie written & directed by Ratish Nair from the north eastern USA.

    In 2017, I made an appearance in the documentary 'Waiting For Ishtar' (on IMDB), a look into the life of an actor searching for a connection to other fans of the infamous movie starring Warren Beatty & Dustin hoffman. WFI was written & directed by Jonathan Crombie & John Mitchell. It includes interviews with some of the cast members of Ishtar plus the talented singer/songwriter Paul Williams.

My Music

'Topic of the Day'
A classic-sounding pop/rock studio album, released in 2017.
'Taller in Real Life'
A country/folk album, recorded live & released in 2016.
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